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Is this the most misused word in the professional services space or is it just us?

What consulting means to us

When project management, tools, and proven methodologies come together for the benefit of our partners—Horn Solutions Consulting.

Effective Management of Merger & Acquisition Activities

Mergers and acquisitions can be a powerful means to consolidate, expand, or amplify market share. The potential rewards of a successful Merger or Acquisition are considerable - and so are the risks. If your management team reacts too slowly, you fail. Of course, acting quickly is also not enough to guarantee success. Managing poorly at high velocity is as big a mistake as moving slowly in hopes of avoiding error. The secret is to move more rapidly—to accelerate hard—and maintain the right touch. The key to moving rapidly with precision is experience along several parallel competencies including: 

  • Due Diligence

  • Settlement Statement Review

  • Technology Integration of Business Applications

  • Financial Operations Integration & Scale

  • Regulatory & Compliance

Mergers and Acquisitions

ERP and Systems

Is a new system or optimization something your company needs to consider? Are you leery and confused at the complexity of the decision around a cloud offering vs a hosted data center managed service? Selecting a new system or optimizing an existing system can be a difficult task if not handled correctly. There are many aspects to consider when evaluating this decision and having a trusted partner to help navigate this important strategic move is invaluable.

ERP and Systems

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Technical Accounting

In today’s world of accounting and finance it has proven very difficult for public and private companies alike to keep up with changing mandates from the FASB, GASB, and IASB. It becomes very challenging to comply with transactional accounting and implementation of new standards. When new standards are issued or a company has a strategic event, it can be difficult to thoroughly analyze the new accounting requirements and determine the impact to the organization. Execution often requires policy, procedure, and system changes and may require complex recalculations of financial records. It can be challenging for companies to balance the time and resources to fully comply with accounting and finance requirements.

Technical Accounting
Revenue Recognition
Lease Accounting

Resource Management

Resource Management has become increasingly more difficult over the last decade. The war for talent is real and many organizations struggle to create an environment where employees and departments can thrive while maintaining focus on their core operational business strengths.  Horn Solutions has developed competencies and effective resource management approaches in the following areas:

  • Audit: Cosource or Outsource

  • IT Assessment

  • Accounting assessment


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Resource Management
Financial Close Optimization

For organizations of all sizes, public and private, CFOs questions the accuracy and timeliness of their financial statements. A company’s financial statements rely heavily on a financial close process that creates and drives value for the organization while maintaining efficiency, effectiveness, and control in performing accounting and reporting functions. Like any other key company function, the close process is expected to function flawlessly, and it doesn’t get much attention unless something goes wrong.

Financial Close Optimization


The wave of data produced every day only continues to grow and it comes from every angle. Wrangling and understanding it can be an overwhelming thought. A company’s ability to leverage data to make sound, unbiased business decisions, can affect the organization evolution, objectives, goals, and answer unresolved questions. How you store data, move data, and visualize data plays an important role in your data’s journey to providing actionable insights into your business. Whether you are looking to modernize your technology and how it treats your data at rest, in motion, or in use, or are looking to mature beyond descriptive analytics, we can help. Data Governance and Integrity Master Data Management Strategy Roadmap - Technology Selection Visualization and Dashboards.

  • Data Governance and Integrity

  • Master Data Management

  • Strategy Roadmap - Technology Selection

  • Visualization and Dashboards

Business Process Improvement

For organizations of all sizes, public or private, processes and systems have adapted to their business environment and culture for many years, but in the minds of many are not efficient, effective, or do not provide the necessary reliability and control needed to manage a company’s operations. If business processes are “working,” the company may not have an appetite for improvement and upgrading the performance of the organization may be inadvertently set aside.  If operations continue in the current state, stress and anxiety levels among staff may rise, while quickly reducing morale, thus resulting in lower output, burnout, or even attrition. Given the ever-changing demands of executive teams and the constant need for information to allow for quick and educated decisions, can you afford not to pursue improvements on your company’s performance?

Business Process Improvement

Customer Experience

Sales is at the tip of the spear when it comes to a company’s growth trajectory. Having the right tools and processes in a complex quoting and pricing environment gives you a leg up and prevents costly quoting and pricing mistakes. Sales process workflows, when not automated, can lead to unintended delays on stoppages in process. CPQ fights against the adage familiar to all sales professionals, “Time kills deals.” Leveraging CPQ software with prebuilt templates takes the complexity out of sale and ensures that product configuration and pricing offered is  something you can stand behind.

Customer Experience
Digital Transformation

The majority of companies have not realized the overall potential of their digital footprint and assets or haven’t made the investments into available technology to carry their companies forward into a more digital age. It is about the technology but is also about the overhaul of processes, operations, and customer experience. It’s a journey that starts with buy in from the top down, requires an assessment of your current state, helps identify goals and desired outcomes, and matches a transformative technology roadmap to get you there. 

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • IOT

  • Robotics

  • AI/Machine Learning

Digital Transformation

Data Center

If you are not in the data center business, having a data center is a thing of the past. It is expensive, resource heavy, and isn’t a good investment. Perhaps you are considering moving from an on prem data center to a collocated set up or maybe you are considering leveraging the cloud services offering that give you flexibility, support, with reasonable usage pricing.  Our team is equipped to help you make the decisions and execute to a sound strategy that works for you and your situation.

  • Data Center Migration

    • On-Prem to Colocation

    • Colocation to Cloud

    • On-Prem to Cloud

    • Cloud Optimization

Data Center
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In an ever changing world it has been said that today is the slowest day of the rest of history. Consumers and companies alike demand that information flow faster and with more efficiency and relevance than ever before. Horn Solutions can help with current issues affecting companies in today’s changing market conditions.

Hot Topics (CARES ACT)
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