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Horn Solutions Announces New Transactional Accounting and Office Staffing Services

June 22, 2016 – Horn Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce a new line of project, interim staffing and direct hire services to provide transactional accounting and office staffing. This new service offering complements Horn Solution’s existing service offerings in strategic accounting and finance and Information technology. Our clients now have the ability to leverage their business relationship with Horn Solutions to fill their transactional accounting and office staffing needs.

We now offer project and interim services in transactional accounting, human resource, and office administration:

Transactional Accounting • Accounting Clerks • Bookkeepers • Bank Account Reconciliations • Payroll Administrators • Payroll Processors Accounts Payable • Accounts Payable Processors • Accounts Payable Clerks Accounts Receivable • Cash Postings • Billing Clerks Human Resources • Managers • Recruiters • Generalists • Assistants and Clerks Office Administration • Office Managers • Administrative Assistants • Data Entry • Receptionists

Horn Solutions transactional accounting and office staffing recruiters are available to help you to find the right employee for your transactional accounting, human resource, and administration teams in the following areas and more:

  1. Accounting Clerks and Bookkeepers

  2. Payroll Managers and Processors

  3. Procurement Specialists

  4. Accounts Payable Processors and Clerks

  5. Data Entry Clerks

  6. Billing, Account Receivable, and Credit & Collections

  7. Bank Account Reconciliation Specialists

  8. Human Resource Managers, Recruiters and Assistants

  9. Office Managers

  10. Administrative Assistants

  11. Receptionists

Horn Solutions, Inc. is a business consulting and executive search firm specializing in strategic accounting and finance, information technology, and transactional accounting and office staffing services through three complementary lines of business. We offer both project solutions and search solutions within each business line.

The Horn Solutions team has over three decades of consulting and recruiting experience serving companies of all sizes in the energy, financial services, healthcare, real estate and construction industries. We understand your business, listen to your needs and supply the right professionals that deliver results. Horn Solutions is not a CPA firm.

Click here or call 281-207-7702 to find out how we can help you with your project, interim staffing and direct hire needs.

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