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Interview Tip: Just Be Real

I’m often asked by candidates to share interview tips.  Most people are not professional interviewees and the sheer idea creates a bundle of nerves.

Aside from professional advice of make eye contact, speak articulately, firm handshake, don’t speak negatively of employers, research company, ask thoughtful questions, be prepared to succinctly share background…my best advice to calm nerves is “JUST BE REAL”.

What would it be like to interact with you if you were already an employee of the company?

An interview is 1-3 times of meeting someone.  Working for a company can expand across years.  Years of which “the real you” is going to be on display; you can’t keep from being yourself on a daily basis without a slow death of hiding from everyone around you.

Yes, being yourself could cost you the job as not everyone is going to like you (sorry; it’s true).  BUT, how successful can you be in working for someone who doesn’t like the authentic you?  You’ll be back on the job market going through the same drill.

So be “interview professional”…but also allow the qualities that make you “who you are” to shine through.  Those who are drawn to your authenticity will be the best match for creating a successful ‘career home’.

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