Mike Reinecke

VP and General Counsel

Mike Reinecke is Vice President and General Counsel at Horn Solutions; he is a member of the New York Bar Association and the Texas Bar Association. He has 35 years of experience in providing professional services; more than 20 of them have been as an executive with a financial services firm in various roles, including at times as interim CEO and CFO. He spent time as an adjunct professor at both Marquette University Law School and Wisconsin Law School, and as a visiting professor at the Academy of International Customs in Taiwan. In 2000, he first worked with the founders of Horn Solutions at the company’s predecessor firm, Horn Wallace Cole. He joined Horn Solutions in August of 2019. His principal, pivotal role at Horn Solutions is managing the legal affairs of the company; however, he also partners with employees at all levels on a variety of operational matters, which requires him to use his years of problem-solving skills to provide practical solutions and put the clients’ interests first.

Horn Solutions has a culture of accountability, integrity, loyalty, and service. We value clients and employees and believe that high moral and ethical values are critical to success. We encourage all employees and prospective employees regardless of sex, race or color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or family status, age, socio-economic status or behavioral style, or physical and mental attributes to make Horn Solutions the preferred provider in the professional services industry.

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