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Project Scope:

The company was implementing SAP as its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as a replacement to the ORACLE legacy system. Although the company had engaged a consulting firm to assist with the SAP implementation, it needed additional resources dedicated to implementing many of the accounting and financial reporting components of SAP.

A Horn Solutions team with an extensive set of cross-functional skills stepped in and worked closely with the company’s SAP implementation team. We were assigned the following responsibilities:

  1. Mapping general ledger chart of accounts and organizational hierarchy structures from Oracle to SAP.

  2. Defining alternative cost center hierarchies to facilitate management and financial reporting.

  3. Extracting historical general ledger data from Oracle, transforming data for upload into SAP, and loading the data into SAP.

  4. Validating resulting general ledger balances in SAP to historical Oracle balances.

Project Approach:

The Horn Solutions team utilized its extensive experience in implementing SAP and other systems to ensure a smooth and on schedule cross over to SAP.

  1. Coordinated with accounting and finance department management to determine the appropriate mapping of ORACLE general ledger accounts and hierarchies to SAP.

  2. Collaborated with the information technology department to optimize the Oracle general ledger data extraction query to minimize the amount of time required to upload data to SAP.

  3. Collaborated with SAP implementation consultants to properly configure upload files and troubleshoot upload errors.

  4. Developed and executed an automated methodology to reconcile historical Oracle general ledger balances to amounts in SAP. The methodology provided a fast and accurate way to make Oracle and SAP data comparable and to identify and explain variances.

Project Benefits/Savings:

The Horn Solutions team produced several significant benefits and savings for our client.

  1. Reduced the number of general ledger accounts in use by more than 50%. This reduction greatly simplified the accounting and financial reporting processes.

  2. Improved the accuracy of financial reporting by correcting the financial statement category mapping for general ledger accounts mapped incorrectly in Oracle.

  3. Validated the general ledger balances in SAP agreed with historical Oracle financial statements for each month at the consolidated, legal entity and operating segment levels to facilitate comparative reporting and analysis in the SAP environment.

  4. Completed data upload and validation activities on or ahead of schedule, providing client management and external auditors adequate time for review and allowing other consultants to work on system cutover tasks.

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